Friday, May 20, 2011

Big B's Treasure Chest

When our first grandchild, Natalie Grace, was about 2 years old we took a small wooden treasure chest that had held various receipts, misplaced small parts of household items, some loose coins, and we emptied it to invent a new game that would become “The Treasure Chest Hunt.” It didn’t take long for these words to become the first words out of her mouth when she walked through our door. “Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest Hunt, Big B!!!” 

Using 3x5 cards Bob (Big B) makes clues that lead to the Treasure Chest, usually ending up in a an unlikely place (like the dryer) or in a “dry bathtub”! I think the hunt is far more fun than the find of the treasure treat. 

Now, there are three little pirates (Natalie, Amelia, and Hunter) hunting for the treasure, so the fun and the treats have increased... it’s just too far for these little ones to come from New York to Alabama. I don’t remember signing up on the long distance Grandmother list. :)

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