Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope and pray that everyone has someone to love and share this most wonderful day of remembering Christ our Lord, Jesus born as a humble baby. For me, celebrating this mysterious miracle is always shrouded in aura of holy awe. Though the busy days of cooking, decorating and visiting can sometimes seem to hide this deep spiritual reality, for me my heart is always so aware of this scared miracle….. Jesus.

Personally, Bob and I are most grateful this season to be in our little home in Fairhope; spending time with our family and friends: that includes three adorable grandchildren. I think last night attending our Christmas Eve Communion service at Christ Anglican Church in Mobile was a highlight. The church, beautifully, yet simply decorated with lots of candles and greenery, set the stage for the timeless melodious carols that we sand together as a congregation. Watching our grandchildren’s little eyes twinkle in the candlelight of hundreds of candles lifted high as we sang “Silent Night” ... well, I choose that as my most precious gift. I will cherish that memory forever, along with a prayer that they too will carry that memory in their hearts for a lifetime.

The tire swing, a large pile of fresh straw, art journals, a new set of markers, reading the Christmas book “Holly and Ivy” (thanks Ellen Duke), Natalie Grace playing her violin, Amelia’s self-taught almost perfect cartwheel, and Hunter’s early morning solo concert from his pack and play….these are all the best gifts, sweet and pure and priceless.

We play “Crazy Santa” at our larger Christmas gathering at my Mom’s house. The rules are you have to bring something wrapped up that you want to get rid of. When you pick out your present, by numbers, you then have to sing it, share it or wear it. This little add-on has given the game a little drama and often some really funny moments! One favorite, was Ashley, Stuart’s girlfriend, who got an old Alabama, Roll Tide Championship hugger. She threw it like it was a “hot potato” and of course that started off a hearty round of the Auburn fight song from several confused family members :) :) !

I just noticed that it is time to dress for our Christmas Day lunch, but there is so much more to share and celebrate. Would love to hear some of your stories!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My dear friend, Himmie, turned 60 years old Dec. 6. She has never looked better, glowing as she celebrated with new and old friends. Himmie is the wedding singer, and I can still hear her beautiful voice at my wedding 36 years ago and more recently at my oldest son’s wedding ceremony in 2002.  His was  a Christmas Military Wedding so rich with wonderful traditions, hope and excitement. Strength and courage were undergirding the promises and vows being made with Himmie’s soprano voice filling in the tender moments of the making of a lifetime memory.  Friends are the rich background of life’s events and such rare gifts that we too often take for granted.

Monteagle, Tennessee… check it out.  Thanks Margret!
Kindergarten teachers… what is not to love about them!
Himmie’s friends now my friends! What a gift!

The ladybugs... joined together to do good!

Now, home… onward to prepare for Christmas, while remembering this thought:  “Christmas Ease.”