Prayer Requests

Please let me know if there is a prayer request you would like me to take before the Lord by leaving a comment using the form below.

- Nancy


  1. I absolutely love your new website, Nance! I felt as if we'd just enjoyed a cuppa "joe" in your kitchen. Thanks for spreading the word about the "days of delay." I was surprised to see my name in your blog! Deby and I send our hugs and love.

  2. I pray that me, christopher john slover, my wife, and daughter will be reunited for the holidays and that there will be a restoration in our relationships. We also suffer in poverty so I pray God will answer in whatever way he sees fit. I also pray for the salvation of my wife (Riley) and daughter (Brielle). I have not held them in nearly 6 months and pray that my wife can love me again.


Thanks for sharing with me!