Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life Details and Honey for Our Hearts

A dear friend gave me the book Honey for a Woman’s Heart by Gladys Hunt for Christmas. I am enjoying reading it and letting it encourage me about the pursuit of reading, what makes a good book, and why.

I remember reading Honey for Child’s Heart when my 4 children were small, and what a wonderful resource it was to me then. Another book that I enjoyed was a book called The Read Aloud Handbook by John Trelease. These books spurred on the desire to read to my little one and, at the same time, gave some valuable guidance on selecting good books.

As I am now exploring Honey for a Woman’s Heart I am interested in the recommendations, but I am also interested in the thoughts and ideas of what makes a story/book great!

I am challenged today... we all know the grass is green... what else describes it? So, I will exercise myself today in adding some description to my writing.

Here is a scene from my life today...

I have sent out several emails this morning. Two of them I sent to publishers for whom I have written musicals and songs in the past. Both of the emails are presenting new ideas for work in 2011. I also worked on a song from the notes I took on my bulletin from this past Sunday. The idea is for a communion song.

I cleaned my bathroom (well almost) because I only did half of the shower walls, I just got so weary looking at that Turquoise Blue Tile…. Ugh! (We are presently living in a 1960’s cottage in Fairhope, AL, and one bathroom has the original pink tiles while the other has the turquoise tiles!) We have done some beautiful remodeling to this little place, but the bathrooms will be a large expense so we are waiting on those. I told my husband, Bob, until we remodel to just pretend he is at camp and then he will be thankful for the private shower and hot water!

I made some homemade vegetable soup and even cut fresh corn off of the cob for it. I am calling it "Everything Vegetable Soup" because I put lots of whatever was on hand in it. I think it will be decent, actually even good!

I went to the gym and worked out: 20 minutes on the rower (not too fast), 20 minutes on a bike (not too fast), and 15 minutes on weight machines and sit-ups! I wish I could say I love to exercise, but I only love the benefits afterwards. I listened to some of Michael McDonald’s music. That made me smile and almost sing out loud in the gym!

I am now grabbing a late lunch, probably a preview of tonight’s soup. Then I will tackle the office clutter one more time. Inventory on 21 years worth of work is overwhelming to me, but as my Mom says, “You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

So off to eat some elephant... and can’t imagine that anyone would even care about these details.

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